About Us

Uncompromised Quality And Exceptional Service

First and foremost, please accept my sincerest gratitude for your interest in finding out more about us.

Ample Cable is a world class manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses. We design, manufacture and can source custom cables and other specialty cables of the highest quality.

I am thrilled to inform you that since our inception in 2014, we have remained true to our core principles of customer service, on time delivery, uncompromised quality and exceptional value at competitive prices.

It is certainly this dedication to our customers that has allowed us to deliver tens of thousands of custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses over the years with less than 1% RMA. Our exceptional performance in a well entrenched industry is due to our clear understanding that it is your success as our customer which ensures our own.

Since our humble beginnings, we have seen rapid growth over the past few years thanks to never drifting away from the aforementioned core principles that place our customers at the center of all our activities. I cordially invite you to our facility; we will be delighted to give you a thorough tour.

We hope that you will choose to do business with us, in return we promise you a positive and profitable experience!